EMCC – Promoting Dialogue on Access

EMCC – Promoting Dialogue on Access

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JPA had the great opportunity to attend the European Multidisciplinary Cancer Congress (EMCC) in Stockholm, Sweden, which is concluding today. The Congress provided a chance to hear from great minds in medical research, clinical practice and industry as they discussed the latest developments in cancer care. What is unique about this particular Congress is the meeting organizers expertly guided and engaged attendees in debate around critical issues facing the cancer world—for example access to care—leading to some striking discussions.

In one policy session that focused on patient access to care, an audience poll indicated that limited health authority budgets are seen as the primary obstacle to securing access to cancer drugs in Europe. However, when the same audience was asked for the best solution to access problems, they opted for mandatory drug pricing reductions instead of increased health authority funding.

This apparent contradiction in the stated challenge and solution highlights the complexity in addressing access challenges in Europe – where decisions for market access are made on individual country levels.

Fortunately, some of the best minds in policy, economics, research and patient care are embracing a multi-stakeholder approach to addressing access gaps. Continued dialogue at congresses like EMCC may help us to achieve better patient access to care on a global scale.

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