Pharma and Patient Communication

Pharma and Patient Communication

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Recently, representatives of leading pharmaceutical companies gathered in London at the 2011 Pharma MedComms World conference to discuss major challenges in conducting medical communications in the pharmaceutical industry. One of the key topics explored at the conference included ways pharmaceutical companies can improve patient communication.  Dr. Alexandra Wyke, CEO of PatientView, led a session regarding what pharmaceutical companies can do to better meet the multiple patient communication needs.

In her presentation, Wyke does a pulse check on Industry driven patient communications and reports that while pharmaceutical companies are doing a pretty good job, they fall short in several key areas. These areas include providing patients with a broad range of information that touch them in diverse aspects of their lives, reaching hard-to-reach segments of the patient population (i.e., minorities, without access to Internet, those who do not see doctors when they should, etc.) and using patient-friendly language. But with this understanding, Wyke offered two strategic ideas for Industry consideration:

  1. Improve Doctor-Patient Communication: Wyke argues one of the most overlooked aspects of modern medicine is the doctor-patient relationship. For example, according to PatientView’s recent survey, only eight percent of patient groups in the United States said that general physicians regard patients as equal partners and act on that belief. As such, Wyke claims by working to improve doctor-patient communication, Industry can help improve clinical outcomes.
  2. Support Patient Self-Management: Wyke suggests that Industry can help improve a patient’s self-management of their medical condition through the use of mobile phone applications. Despite the immense number of mobile apps, Wyke argues that through novel ways to better organize health apps, Industry can help even the most vulnerable and hard-to-reach populations tackle their daily health challenges.

The complete PatientView presentation about ways Industry can improve patient communication is available on the PatientView website.