Taking Flight: Navigating a Career in PR

Taking Flight: Navigating a Career in PR

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Recently I had the opportunity to contribute to a panel discussion at Georgetown University. Sponsored by the Council of Public Relations Firms in partnership with Georgetown’s Public Relations and Communications master’s program, “Take Flight with PR” drew leaders from some of the top public relations firms, together with students and guests, for a discussion on navigating a career in PR. The bottom line? Agencies are a great place to start your career. Why?

New Jobs. The field of public relations has broadened immensely, with traditional practices amplified and diversified by new media. Projected to grow more than 20 percent by 2020, PR today has unprecedented reach and influence. Industry executives, now more than ever, recognize the unique talents and skills that PR practitioners bring to the table – expertise that makes us invaluable to building solid campaigns that truly engage.

Variety. In an agency setting, staffs have exposure to different accounts (large, small, public, private), lots of vendors (broadcast, research, creative) and many peers. This diversity will build your network – one of the most valuable assets for young professionals.

Broad Application. PR is transcendent – crossing every border, touching all sectors of business and every division within distinct organizations. It’s internal and external and inter-personal. It’s print and broadcast and digital. It’s mediums we haven’t dreamt up yet.

And while there is seemingly unlimited potential for those just setting out on this journey, I urge all practitioners, seasoned and new, to remember that it’s the skills we learn early on – listening, storytelling and creative problem solving – that will serve us well, no matter where the field leads us.



“Take Flight with PR” Event from Georgetown SCS on Vimeo.