How Can I Make the Biggest Impact?

How Can I Make the Biggest Impact?

 In Health, Media Relations

As a kid, I always knew that someday I wanted to have a meaningful job where I could give back to the world around me. And, since being a professional “dog petter” wasn’t a real career, I explored other ways to give back as I got older.

Fast forward to my college years: I signed up for a summer volunteering in the Philippines. I cooked food for a group of rural children and taught local mothers about the healthiest foods for their kids. As appreciative as I was of this experience, I returned home feeling frustrated with the limited funds— defeated that we were unable to achieve more than a highly localized impact. It was then that I realized that humanitarian service was not for me.

Although small-scale community volunteering operations are important, I wanted to expand my impact, so I went back to the drawing board. How could I incorporate my love of writing and other communications skills, yet still be a part of something meaningful?

I found my answer in healthcare public relations.

People don’t often think of healthcare PR as a field that gives back. I see it differently. Our clients are doing amazing things—from creating devices that allow physicians to improve care for their patients to developing drugs intended to cure rare cancers.

As public relations practitioners, we get to share these stories. Great work can be impactful behind closed doors, but the impact is multiplied when shared across the country or the world. Imagine if hospitals became aware of the life-saving qualities of these medical devices via an informative radio program, or if a greater number of cancer patients enrolled in a drug clinical trial because their local news station announced it? Talk about a bigger impact.

At JPA, I’m proud to promote my clients’ great work, helping them make the greatest influence on the many healthcare-related needs in our country. This is why I get out of bed every morning looking forward to coming to work—PR professionals can change the world, one article at a time.