Involving External Communicators in the Strategic Planning Process

Most of the time when an organization seeks a communications partner it’s because they’re requesting support around tactics like media relations, social media or website development. However, one [...]

Stay Savvy: Adapting to the Evolving Media Landscape

The latest technological innovations have a far-reaching impact—well beyond the tech industry. The media landscape has been heavily influenced by the influx of new technologies, apps and social [...]

A Personal Plea to #StopEverydayKillers

Last night, I was privileged to get a D.C. first look at the National Safety Council (NSC) Prescribed to Death Memorial to better understand the depth of the opioid crisis. The memorial brought [...]

15 Tips to Squeeze a Workout into Your Busy Work Schedule

I don’t mean to brag, but I tend to be an overachiever. I’ll give you an example: Most folks gain the freshman 15, I did that and the sophomore 40. Eventually, I channeled dedication I had been [...]