2019: The Age of Influencer Relations

Now more than ever, we find ourselves immersed in the captivating, often addictive, world of social media. Every second, 11 new people start using social media, which is about 1 million people [...]

Mental Health Media Coverage: Why Uncertainty is Better Than a Quick Click

When it comes to mental health communications and reporting, the long game is best. Scientific evidence and careful decision-making lead to better media stories—and better policies—than fear, [...]

What Do You Do If You’re a Dog-Obsessed PR Professional?

You work with other dog-obsessed PR professionals. It’s a typical early-December work day. Balancing the day between drafting strategic communications plans for the New Year, while tying up loose [...]

Health Is So Important That None of Us Can Fit It in Our Lives

I recently received an email asking how “health” fit into my life. It made me think about the premise of the question. Health doesn’t fit into anyone’s life. It defines how we live every day. [...]