What Do You Do If You’re a Dog-Obsessed PR Professional?

What Do You Do If You’re a Dog-Obsessed PR Professional?

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You work with other dog-obsessed PR professionals.

It’s a typical early-December work day. Balancing the day between drafting strategic communications plans for the New Year, while tying up loose ends before the holidays—throwing out all those unneeded papers and enrolling in new health benefits.

Cue a staff-wide email—Subject: Tips from an Instagram influence failure. This was no typical Instagram influencer case study, it was about the endeavor to make a dog an Instagram celebrity.

My response? Share my go-to Instagram dog celebrity to follow. (Talking about @KeepingFinn for those wondering. He’s currently traveling the U.S. in a van to explore all the parks, both natural and dog. You don’t want to miss the daily #BreakfastWithFinn or his LYHKES.)

What ensued was complete and utter delight!

Each JPA’er one by one shared a glam shot of their pup (collaged below for your viewing).

And then the question: What if we created the Dogs of JPA Instagram to bring audiences the trinity of our emotional support office doggos and all our home doggos?

But, don’t worry, here at JPA we take our dog-obsessed PR professional powers to the next level and then posed the questions: Can we make bonding with reporters’ dogs a way to get media coverage for our clients? Can we use Gretel to identify these top dog health influencers? (Gretel is JPA’s insight engine that combines human and artificial intelligence to understand who influences conversation on a specific topic, how they receive information and the most appropriate way to engage with them.)

By using Gretel, we took a look at the people who have engaged with Kaiser Family Foundation’s dog Twitter account (@KFFdogs). With this proxy, we uncovered 99 influential health reporters who are “dog-attentive”—who we may just have a better chance to grab their attention if we include a cute dog in our pitch.

Sorry not sorry if in the New Year you hear from us with a dog-inspired P.S.

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