Extending Gratitude to Our Clients and Our Team

It has been a big year for JPA and we could not have achieved all this without our team and our clients.

Can a Permanent Telehealth Solution Get Through a Split Senate?

Welcome to ELEVATE, a new podcast from JPA Health. At ELEVATE, the JPA Public Affairs team will share best practices and innovative ideas to influence the changing health landscape.  Every [...]

A New Congress and A New President: What to Expect

What happens when you take four policy and public affairs professionals from two different parties and ask them what they think the health policy agenda looks like following the 2020 elections? [...]


Health Brands Entertain with Heart

As definitions of “marketing” continue to change, some healthcare companies are taking the idea of brands as entertainers to especially ambitious levels. According to one of the judges at the [...]

Mental Health Media Coverage: Why Uncertainty is Better Than a Quick Click

When it comes to mental health communications and reporting, the long game is best. Scientific evidence and careful decision-making lead to better media stories—and better policies—than fear, [...]

Carbs Are Killing Us. Why Don’t We Care?

Our love affair with carbohydrates is slowly but surely killing us. Bagels, wine, pizza, soda, cereal are staples in American homes. We all have craved sugar and succumbed to its comforting [...]

Storytelling: Get Out of Your Head and Into the Story

Working in health communications is challenging. It’s a regulated and traditionally risk-averse industry. The science can be complex and the issues are often serious. On the flip side, working in [...]

JPA in the Limelight at the 2018 Communiqué Awards

2018 once again saw JPA Health sponsoring the Communiqué Awards. Since 1997, the awards have celebrated outstanding work in healthcare communications, showcasing the very best that our industry [...]