Watching Your Social Media Channels on Holiday Weekends?

While many of us were watching the US Women’s national soccer team score three goals in 16 minutes last night, someone at Tesaro Pharma was watching 3,000 people sign a petition in less than 16 [...]

Making Health Parity a Priority in 2015

As we look back on 2014 and the discourse that raged in Ferguson, Missouri, we find ourselves asking many significant social questions; however, on the surface it doesn’t seem like public health [...]

Uber and the Case of the Apology

It’s the season of Thanksgiving, but you would think from recent headlines that it’s the season for PR crises. Ferguson, Bill Cosby, UVA and Uber – all have taken over the headlines.  While [...]

Paying it Forward in the Wake of a National Emergency

Many Americans are still reeling from the tragic events that occurred in Boston, Massachusetts and West, Texas last week. But, in Charlotte, North Carolina, the actions that shook our nation [...]

Explaining a Price Hike

An increase in a medication’s cost rarely goes unnoticed. But KV Pharmaceutical Co.’s decision to charge $1,500 a dose for a drug to prevent premature birth drew particular ire from both patient [...]