Should Healthcare Be Considered an Infrastructure Need?

With a new year, new Congress, and new presidential administration well underway, pundits and politicians alike continue to opine on what the future of healthcare should look like for the [...]

Decision 2020: Start Public Affairs Planning Today

The concurrent effects of the novel coronavirus and sweeping demands for racial equity are, arguably, creating the greatest social disruption America has witnessed in the last 50 years. While the [...]

The Big Questions Facing Healthcare Policy in the 2018 Midterms

How can our health care system continue to push the envelope by developing breakthrough medicines, yet still meet the needs of patients with treatments they can afford? Midterm elections are [...]

Why the Next Six Months Will Define How We Discuss Healthcare for the Next Decade

As we near the 2019 mid-term elections, pundits and prognosticators are focusing on what the make-up of Congress will look like in 2019 and what it means for President Trump’s agenda. Yet, for [...]

Driving Change for the Brain Tumour Community in the UK

To drive meaningful change in health in the UK is challenging, as I am sure it is across the world. It requires a clarity of purpose and evidence, a wide range of engaged stakeholders and [...]

What Will a Trump Administration Mean for Healthcare?

Initial analysis from JPA Health What will health policy look like during the Trump Administration? Trying to understand what President-elect Trump will do about healthcare—an area in which he [...]

Bill Could Increase Patient Influence in Drug Development Process

Patients and advocacy groups may be one step closer to increasing the strength of their voices in the development of new treatments. A bill designed to spur biomedical innovation and place [...]

What’s in a Name? The Scoop on Connected Health

Some of the buzzwords surrounding healthcare for 2014, so far: eHealth, telemedicine, wireless health, mobile health. Seeing a trend? While the fancy names and technologies are grabbing the [...]

SCOTUS Watch: Supreme Court Rules Human Genes Cannot Be Patented

The Supreme Court unanimously voted today that genes isolated from the human body cannot be patented. The decision has been dubbed one of the “most significant rulings in the age of molecular [...]

SCOTUS Watch: Justices to Hear Arguments on Legality of Gene Patents Today

Although recent media buzz around the Supreme Court has focused predominantly on high-profile social issues like Prop 8 and DOMA, pharmaceutical and biotech industry players have good reason to [...]

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