We’ll need more than a spoonful of sugar to counter vaccine hesitancy

News that the United Kingdom, along with Albania, the Czech Republic and Greece, have lost their measles-free status is deeply troubling, but not surprising.  Trust in and uptake of vaccines in [...]

Mental Health Media Coverage: Why Uncertainty is Better Than a Quick Click

When it comes to mental health communications and reporting, the long game is best. Scientific evidence and careful decision-making lead to better media stories—and better policies—than fear, [...]

Keep Your Clients Close, and the Media Closer

Pitching the media a client story is one of the most important, albeit most challenging roles facing a public relations professional. Getting a reporter on the phone or via email is easier said [...]

Stay Savvy: Adapting to the Evolving Media Landscape

The latest technological innovations have a far-reaching impact—well beyond the tech industry. The media landscape has been heavily influenced by the influx of new technologies, apps and social [...]

How Can I Make the Biggest Impact?

As a kid, I always knew that someday I wanted to have a meaningful job where I could give back to the world around me. And, since being a professional “dog petter” wasn’t a real career, I [...]

Awe Inspiring Health & Life Sciences at the Biennial USA Science & Engineering Festival

The biennial science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) extravaganza known as the USA Science and Engineering Festival may be the only place in the U.S. where you can participate in a [...]

Can Health Technology Boost Health Equity?

As we mark the Affordable Care Act’s 5th anniversary, the linked issues of access to health care and to information technology are flash points for debate. On Tuesday, March 24th, at a panel [...]

Creating a Compelling Infographic

Infographics have been popping up everywhere. Why? Because they are a great way to present your organization’s key messages in a new, visually compelling way. But what are the components that [...]

JPA Supports NEHI – Winner of JPA’s Mass Innovator Competition

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we at JPA are thankful to play a small part in the tremendously innovative, talented, and passionate healthcare community in Massachusetts. As we highlighted a [...]

The Right Way to Use an Embargo

If anything highlights just how tricky embargoes can be, it’s yesterday’s disclosure by the executive editor of Reuters Health (Ivan Oransky, who is also the blogger behind Embargo Watch). The [...]

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