Decision 2020: Start Public Affairs Planning Today

The concurrent effects of the novel coronavirus and sweeping demands for racial equity are, arguably, creating the greatest social disruption America has witnessed in the last 50 years. While the [...]

Leveraging Communication to Address a Crisis – How “Flatten the Curve” Spread

Communicating public health messages during a pandemic necessitates the ability to reach everyone quickly. This role has traditionally belonged to government leaders, but with so much [...]

Carbs Are Killing Us. Why Don’t We Care?

Our love affair with carbohydrates is slowly but surely killing us. Bagels, wine, pizza, soda, cereal are staples in American homes. We all have craved sugar and succumbed to its comforting [...]

I Am Proud to Work for a Woman-Owned Company

In the wake of the second annual Women’s March, the U.S. media is highlighting stories of women from across the nation. Diverse in ethnicities, sexuality, wealth and levels of education, these [...]

Personalized patient treatment – is precision healthcare the future?

Driven by the evolution of technology and science, the field of healthcare has seen a wave of medical discoveries across all healthcare disciplines. Gone are the days of patients categorised by a [...]

Biosimilar, Not Biosame

Most people are familiar with generic drugs – often cheaper copies of brand-name drugs – but biosimilars are a relatively new concept in the U.S., although they’ve existed in Europe for several [...]

3 Tips for Fostering New Ideas

Where do good ideas come from? Are ideas born from an epiphany that wakes you in the middle of the night? Or after hours of pouring over analytics and big data? While it may feel as though [...]

2013 Drug Approvals: A Brighter Outlook for Cancer Patients

Even with a significant decrease in prescription drug approvals in the United States, cancer patients stand to reap the benefits of many newly approved therapies. This year, a total of 98 new [...]

Meet Your Match

Whether looking for a life partner or an organization to partner with to reach key audiences, data is playing an increasing role. So, can data help you find your match? Yesterday’s New York Times [...]

Medicaid Expansion for the Middle Class?

Medicaid Expansion for the Middle Class? Current Medicaid programs’ eligibility varies by state. In 2014, a provision within the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) will expand [...]