Using data for insights that engage, educate patients

This article is featured in O’Dwyer’s Oct. ’18 Healthcare PR Magazine. We encounter new challenges within the health communications sector nearly every day. Publications across [...]

Driving Change for the Brain Tumour Community in the UK

To drive meaningful change in health in the UK is challenging, as I am sure it is across the world. It requires a clarity of purpose and evidence, a wide range of engaged stakeholders and [...]

6 Challenges We Uncovered from Liz Szabo’s #CancerHype Twitter Chat

With the authorization of $1.8 billion in funding for the Cancer Moonshot over 7 years, we’ve seen both hope and hype around how we accelerate cancer research to make more treatments available to [...]

4 Must-Have Strategies for International Patient Engagement

Last week, I had the opportunity to attend MassBio & Sanofi Genzyme’s event entitled “No Borders: A Conversation on Global Humanitarian Programs.” The overarching theme resided in the notion [...]

Overcoming Patient Advocacy Fatigue

For nearly every known disease or condition, there also exists a core group of patients and caregivers who care passionately about it: pushing for research, asking hard questions about new [...]

Bill Could Increase Patient Influence in Drug Development Process

Patients and advocacy groups may be one step closer to increasing the strength of their voices in the development of new treatments. A bill designed to spur biomedical innovation and place [...]

The Number 1 Rule for Creating Viral Campaigns? Don’t Overthink It.

If you live in the Northeast and are active on social, by now you’ve seen it – a 30-second to 1 minute selfie video that starts with a quick preamble and culminates in the video subject’s [...]

One Size Does NOT Fit All

Picture this – your company just implemented an enormously successful breast cancer awareness program in the United States.  Your leadership team is so thrilled they’ve asked you to [...]

A Six-Time NBA MVP Explains Why the Winning Formula Must Include PR

My work in healthcare public relations has influenced how I read news—I’m always analyzing media trends, guessing which stories were placed by PR people and reading articles looking for [...]

Pharma and Patient Communication

Recently, representatives of leading pharmaceutical companies gathered in London at the 2011 Pharma MedComms World conference to discuss major challenges in conducting medical communications in [...]

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