A spotlight on Endometriosis: A conversation about periods, stigma, and the importance of speaking up

Previous Account Director at JPA Health, now Policy Manager at Endometriosis UK, Rebecca Taylor speaks to us about the changes needed to improve patient care and the vital work Endometriosis UK [...]

You Don’t Have to Choose: Better the Balance, Better the World

‘You don’t have to choose,’ the words are still ringing in my ears. Nobody had ever said that to me in my whole working life, but it is exactly what I’ve done since I graduated with my D.Phil. in [...]

Can Health Technology Boost Health Equity?

As we mark the Affordable Care Act’s 5th anniversary, the linked issues of access to health care and to information technology are flash points for debate. On Tuesday, March 24th, at a panel [...]

Leveraging the New Care Paradigm to Enhance Patient Education

Healthcare choices are personal decisions that used to be made between people and their primary care providers. Increasingly, we see a number of specialists aside from our primary care providers [...]

AIDS2012: Clinton, Gates, & Zawadi Smartlove

How do you compete for media attention against the likes of Elton John, Hillary Clinton, and Melinda Gates at the International AIDS Conference?  Zawadi Smartlove, a lesser known (but highly [...]

When to Choose a Passionate Spokesperson Over a Big Name

Every year the U.S Department of Health and Human Services kicks off National Women’s Health Week on Mother’s Day, to encourage women to improve their physical and mental well-being. Similar to [...]

Three Tips for Improving Communication to Women

This year’s emerging “War on Women” – detailed by Bloomberg View columnist Margaret Carlson, has increasingly dominated headlines in recent months. Stories have shifted from insurance coverage of [...]

Amplifying HPV Test Awareness With Social Media

A little more than a year ago, Jennifer Ludden reported on behalf of National Public Radio that “in the face of a persistent gender pay gap, the reason women make less money than men is because [...]

Female Contraception: A Health Issue?

In the wake of the presidential primaries, the United States is seeing government and health issues continue to be intertwined. In the case of reproductive rights, stories are told through the [...]

Figuring Out Female Infertility

Last week, a story released by MSNBC focused on the fact that many women are uninformed about infertility.  The article included a poll conducted by the National Infertility Association, in [...]