Introducing JPA’s Insights Engine

JPA built GretelTM out of a need to understand how conversations take shape around the globe. Gretel brings together news media, organizations and individual influencers to show how they are connected and drive action around specific topics.

Gretel is unique from monitoring and social listening tools, which primarily focus on the what and where. Gretel goes a step further. It identifies the influence of an outlet, individual or organization based on how frequently it is referenced or shared by specific audience segments within a specific issue or topic.

Using the millions of data points within Gretel, our team of experts in analytics, media and advocacy can quickly zero in on the influencers and partners that will enable our clients to reach and engage their customers and communities.

JPA and Gretel often go beyond the usual suspects, identifying new opportunities for engagement. For our clients, that means higher efficiency and better results.

Gretel can be tailored to any health issue and brings together information from three intelligence engines. Learn how Gretel can help you:

  • Custom data that reveals priority audiences and how information is shared between them. We can also measure which audiences are attentive to you or competitors and to better understand where you’re positioned and where you’d like to be over time.
  • JPA can tap into 30,000 outlets that are the most influential among healthcare stakeholders, including patients, professionals and policymakers.
  • The insights we’re able to generate with this data allow us to identify the media contacts with the greatest impact on your target audiences.
  • Our approach to focusing on media outlets that are influential among your audiences means that you’re able to have an immediate and measurable impact on the conversations that matter to your organization.
  • With the Profiler, we match client needs with JPA’s exclusive understanding of advocacy and professional organizations, revealing ideal program partners to meet your goals.
  • Our database of over 2,000 advocacy and professional organizations from around the world allows us to quickly and accurately pinpoint the groups driving the conversation around any health topic.
  • The Profiler is customized for every client, capturing information such as advocacy touch points, donations or competitor engagement.
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