The Power of a Simple Message: Driving Compassion in Healthcare

The majority of healthcare campaigns today have a number of quantifiable, and often very clinical objectives – increase diagnosis, increase survival rates, increase funds for research… However, [...]

Crowdfunding Science

If you’ve heard of Kickstarter, it’s probably because of creative projects; for example, the addictive podcast Serial’s campaign to fund a second season of episodic true crime documentary. Though [...]

What does the future hold for the NHS?

Research shows that private health firms are on course to win more than £9bn of NHS contracts to look after patients as a result of the Coalition’s ramping up of competition in health service, [...]

Emotionally Connecting With Your Audience Through Video

Did you know that viewers are up to 85% more likely to purchase a product or donate to a cause after watching a video than those who don’t? That’s an impressive number! Everyone loves a good [...]