Emotionally Connecting With Your Audience Through Video

Emotionally Connecting With Your Audience Through Video

 In Digital Media

Did you know that viewers are up to 85% more likely to purchase a product or donate to a cause after watching a video than those who don’t?

That’s an impressive number! Everyone loves a good story, and it highlights how important visual storytelling is in the current health communications environment. Video, when done right, is a great tool to engage audiences and amplify your message by delivering a compelling story, evoking a personal or emotional connection, and delivering a powerful call-to-action.

Whether you’re creating a patient explainer video, providing information on a new health treatment, or promoting a health organization, video can help achieve your communication goals.

Here are 5 quick tips to create the emotional connection you want:

  1. Know your audience – Be keen to what your target audience already knows, what inspires them, and what they’re interested in – this shows you “get them.” It’s your job to find the sweet spot where your audience’s interests and your tailored message intersect.
  2. Focus your message – Know the goal of your message and keep it concise. When it comes to videos, it’s better to create a series with continuing bits of information, than to try and pack it all in one long and unwieldy video. If you overload your audience with information and demand too much of their time, your message will get lost and you’ll risk losing the connection with your viewers.
  3. Tell the entire story – Leverage the video medium to craft a story that allows your audience to see the progression and completion of your message. Decide on the appropriate tone and style that speaks to your audience and your message, and then build a visual story that takes the viewer from the beginning to the end.
  4. Provide a call-to-action – Whether it’s buying a service or product, subscribing to a newsletter, donating to a health-related cause or simply making a better health choice, actively and clearly state what you want your viewers to do. Keep it simple – there should only be one or two actions for them complete so they don’t become overwhelmed.
  5. Distribute and promote your video – Don’t just finish the video, post it on YouTube, and hope that your audience flocks to it. Know where your audience gets their information and go there. Share, highlight and promote the video on a continual basis. People want to connect with the companies, brands and organizations they support on a personal level, but you need to go to them. If you do things right, the connection you create will motivate your audience – they won’t just feel something from your video, but they’ll do something.