Oh Facebook – Goodbye Like, Hello Pity?

Oh Facebook – Goodbye Like, Hello Pity?

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Over the last few years, Facebook has become the dominant social media platform for patients getting support online.  Whether it is getting support from your friends and family on your own wall, or turning to one of the thousands of patient discussion groups (many of them private), Facebook is the go to place for support.

However, people wanting to show support for those with illnesses often find themselves hovering over the “like” button, asking themselves “do I really want to say that I like this as a way to show support?”  So, when Facebook announced the new options this morning  it sure seemed like good news. After all you can now say you Like, Love, HaHa, Wow, Sad or Angry, with just a quick click.

Problem solved?  As someone who has had cancer (Angry), gone through cancer treatment over the last year (Wow), had great support from everyone I know (Like) and am doing great (Love) I am wondering where is the “got your back” or “I support you” icon.

Since there isn’t one (yet), here’s a suggestion in the meantime. Please don’t click (Sad). The last thing I needed while going through my own health journey of the last few years was anyone being negative. With Facebook’s new one-click options, let’s hope that people think twice before responding with “Sad.”

For me, my attitude is nothing but positive, so the thumbs up of the Facebook “Like” is looking better than ever.  If you are not sure which emoji to pick when someone is challenged with a health issue, you’re better off posting a comment with support or, better yet, pick up the phone and let them know you are there for them.

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