Finding a Happy Balance for the Medium

Finding a Happy Balance for the Medium

 In PR Strategy

When you have something to say, whether a formal declaration or casual shoutout, knowing the purpose of your words is fairly intuitive. What’s tougher, sometimes, is finding the right place for those words to “live.”

We help navigate that challenge on a daily basis. One of my teams was recently working with some lengthy content about a complicated topic, having been tasked with sharing it on social media. It told a good story and made coherent points, but didn’t necessarily fit well within 140 characters on Twitter or cater to the likes of the ever-changing Facebook algorithm.

It’s important for all communications to be targeted toward the right audiences via the right channels, and that means we must remain mindful of where the words will be disseminated, whether posted, published or heard. Layered upon that, in health communications, is a nonnegotiable factor: staying true to the science.

In this recent case, we determined the content was best suited for a space that could house lengthier thought leadership pieces, such as LinkedIn. From there, we could use the short-form social media platforms to highlight the piece and spread the word via a link.

It’s easy to get stuck in a rut or complacent with routine when thinking about the best place for your words. Pause and consider the following when you’re wondering where your content belongs:

  • Who are you trying to reach?
    This is the audience with which you’d like your words to resonate.
  • Where does this group typically engage with this type of content?
    Put yourself in the shoes of your audience. Are they consuming content on traditional news sites, skimming social media or perusing academic journals?
  • What type of language and length works best for this platform?
    Determine the best tone and format for your words.

Put simply, the way in which you make a statement matters – how and why you’re saying it. But where you say it matters, too. By finding the right space to share our clients’ content, we maximize its reach and increase the likelihood of it resonating with target audiences.

Breanne Van Nostrand is a Senior Account Executive at JPA Health