Health Brands Entertain with Heart

Health Brands Entertain with Heart

 In PR Strategy

As definitions of “marketing” continue to change, some healthcare companies are taking the idea of brands as entertainers to especially ambitious levels. According to one of the judges at the recent Cannes Lions, what makes these efforts successful is, firstly, clarity and courage on the part of brands in declaring their values and then, secondly, infusing those values into content.

As proof, a new Cannes-Lions-winning documentary commissioned by J&J is being talked about as an Oscar contender. The film, “5B,” collects the reminiscences of nurses, doctors and patients on the first dedicated HIV/AIDS ward in the U.S. and reflects J&J’s commitment to nurses and care.

Those of us in health communications can’t be surprised that those two impulses of holding and sharing strong values are second nature to health brands and companies. At JPA, we’re fortunate to work with incredibly passionate people as colleagues and clients – and that we get to help them make content with values at the core. Not every project can have the scale of a Hollywood film, but the success of 5B reminds us to keep reaching higher with every new brief. We never know the difference it might make.

Sarah Dick is a Vice President at JPA Health.