UK Elections are coming!

Britain will be going to the polls on June 8th to decide the make-up of a new government. This election has been called by the Rt Hon Theresa May Prime Minister in a bid to provide a broader [...]

Self-testing for an early diagnosis

The last ten years have seen a growing trend towards patient self-testing. Thanks to the advances of technology, fewer people are now turning to their GP clinic as their first point of call for [...]

JPA Gets in Step

According to the British Heart Foundation and the Get Britain Standing group, which has launched a campaign called On Your Feet Britain, office workers in the UK spend less than 30 minutes on [...]

Pre-election Purdah: What it means for Comms professionals

The term ‘purdah’ has come into popular use across central and local government to describe the period of time immediately before elections when specific restrictions on communications activity [...]

Self-education – the challenges patients face

It seems that empowering the self-informed patient is a hot topic in health in the UK at the moment. We have witnessed several educational campaigns on spotting symptoms as signs for a serious [...]

A louder voice – challenges faced by smaller charities

For smaller charities supporting a lesser-known disease, creating media interest to raise your profile can be hard. It is often the case that these charities need to shout louder in order to be [...]

The rise of personalised medicines – how can advocates move with the advancing treatment landscape?

Last year saw the progress of personalised and targeted treatments in the industry, and it has once again shown to be one of the most exciting developments in cancer care.  However, this evolving [...]

The Power of a Simple Message: Driving Compassion in Healthcare

The majority of healthcare campaigns today have a number of quantifiable, and often very clinical objectives – increase diagnosis, increase survival rates, increase funds for research… However, [...]

What does the future hold for the NHS?

Research shows that private health firms are on course to win more than £9bn of NHS contracts to look after patients as a result of the Coalition’s ramping up of competition in health service, [...]