At JPA Health, our passion and commitment to healthcare can be summed up in one word: Why?

Each staff member is in touch with their own Why — the reason they chose health communications as their profession. There are easier jobs; there’s no question about that. And health PR can be challenging given the complex science, the onerous regulations, the fierce competition and the endless attacks on industry. Yet, for our staff, we chose this profession due to a deep desire to contribute to society, to scientific advancement, to human development. In short, to contribute to the greater good.

An internal project that was launched last year, the JPA Why Project now rests at the core of the agency’s culture. The Why Project asks each employee to understand why they are in the health communications field. It asks what compels them to drive toward results for their clients. It also asks each person to take a step back and look at the big picture of the health industry, the client’s role, the changes that client is trying to create and how the JPA team can make the difference that could help their clients improve patient lives or even save patient lives.

The Why Project is designed to identify the greater motivation of the team members and when that motivation is understood, the staff is better equipped to delve deep into understanding the “why” for their clients. This means fully understanding our clients’ industry, subject matter and ultimately, their goals. When we do this, we find new ways to think strategically, ensure creativity and secure results.

But, at its heart, the JPA Why Project reminds each person daily about their commitment to healthcare, to our clients, to helping people, and to each other.

At JPA, our company values are: Collaboration, Communication, Compassion, Creativity and Curiosity.