Discover Data Sciences
at JPA Health

At JPA Health, every client benefits from our world-class data sciences. Seamlessly integrated into every account, we turn data into valuable insights, sharpening business strategies, uncovering opportunities, and elevating your brand. Here’s how we do it.

Healthcare Insight

Our deep understanding of healthcare challenges means we can swiftly action necessary data collection and analysis. Leveraging our healthcare proficiency and premier research methods, we swiftly deliver insightful business intelligence.

Platform Mastery

Our team is adept at identifying where data resides, be it within client systems or public sources. Through meticulous selection and strategic data partnerships, we ensure our insights remain of the highest quality in an ever-changing landscape.

Insightful Innovations

We offer value in every project we undertake. Our team consistently monitors healthcare trends to stay informed about the latest developments. Boasting the industry’s top researchers, we use advanced methods, such as generative AI, to stay at the forefront of modern research practices.

Analytical Excellence

Our results-oriented approach is built on proven methodologies. We blend years of healthcare experience with research tools to help you in overcoming business hurdles. Our expertise spans various domains, including marketing, PR, digital strategies, advocacy, and medical communications, offering solutions tailored to each field.

End-to-End Research, Marketing and Commercialization Solutions

JPA Health offers a comprehensive suite of global solutions, including qualitative research and cutting-edge AI technology, tailored to meet your specific research needs. Some examples include:

  • Brand, Market Insights
  • HCP & Patient Experiences
  • Segmentation & Persona Modeling
  • Predictive Analytics & Visuals
  • Economic Impact, Issues Advocacy
  • Performance Management, KPIs & Evaluation

Let’s Follow the Breadcrumbs Together

JPA Health is reinventing omnichannel marketing by providing faster insights and helping our clients foster deeper connections with their audiences. It turns out the answer was always there: Just follow the breadcrumbs.

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GRETEL®, JPA’s proprietary insights engine, has revolutionized the understanding of global healthcare conversations over the past decade. As an advanced research tool, GRETEL uses large datasets of posts to measure audience engagement with healthcare topics. It excels in tracking these interactions and pinpointing key influencers through share and reference analysis. By integrating news media, organizations, and influencers, GRETEL uncovers their collective impact on specific discussions. GRETEL, celebrated for its innovation as a marketing tool, has garnered numerous industry accolades. With the introduction of GRETEL Trails — our secure AI chatbot powered by advanced natural-language models — we have reached new heights in efficiency and effectiveness. This tool provides immediate access to real-world insights from patients, healthcare professionals, and key groups, enabling us to craft content more accurately and quickly than ever before. At JPA Health, each account team leverages GRETEL Trails, enabling them to easily access vast amounts of data specifically relevant to each client. This state-of-the-art tool significantly boosts efficiency and expertise, yielding tangible results in just moments.


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