Turning Passion into a Career: My JPA Internship Experience

A person immersed in their work during a JPA internship, symbolizing the transformative journey from passion to a successful career.

My career at JPA Health began with the 2021 summer internship program. At the time, I was getting my master’s in public health specializing in health communications. I knew I wanted to intern at an agency to experience working on a wide range of health topics and to work with different types of organizations. Furthermore, JPA stuck out to me as it is an integrated, full-service agency where I could not only work with different clients, but I could expand my own skill set by working with a team of marketing, advocacy and public relations specialists.

Making the Most of Health Marketing

The internship program helped me apply my learnings in school to real-life scenarios. One of the highlights from the program was the intern project where we all came together to develop and pitch a campaign concept, including an audience analysis, strategic messaging approach, earned and paid media opportunities and the proposed campaign creative.

Key Takeaway

– Intern shares their experience
– Purpose-driven work
– Professional growth


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The rest of our time was dedicated to learning the ropes of a health communications agency by supporting the account teams in their day-to-day activities. I helped develop media lists and press releases, draft social media posts, conduct research to help inform strategic communications decisions and more, while also gaining experience in overall account management.

The Deciding Factor

What stood out to me most about JPA was the investment they made into each intern and our professional development. We met with the entire senior leadership team to discuss their career journey, how to succeed within the industry and our “Why’s”. It was amazing to not only talk one-on-one with leadership about health communications, but to also get to know each person on both a professional and personal level.

Throughout my internship, I saw the passion everyone had for our clients, each project, and the healthcare industry. I loved working alongside individuals who believe in the power and responsibility of communications to change lives. I knew that I could grow and thrive both professionally and personally at JPA, which is why, at the end of the internship, I accepted a full-time position without hesitation.