How Health Communications Can Help Prevent Suicide

On the heels of the US Surgeon General’s advisory about the worsening state of youth mental health and CDC’s latest release of the 2020 provisional numbers and rates of suicide, Dr. John Draper, [...]

Extending Gratitude to Our Clients and Our Team

It has been a big year for JPA and we could not have achieved all this without our team and our clients.

It’s Okay to Not Be Okay

And it doesn’t matter how old you are, where you live, your race or ethnicity or even your profession. It’s clear we are all experiencing a toll on our mental wellbeing.

Everything You Need to Know About JPA Health’s Public Health Practice

At JPA Health, we believe in the power of evidence-based, audience-centric and culturally appropriate communications to improve population health and promote health equity.

Can a Permanent Telehealth Solution Get Through a Split Senate?

Welcome to ELEVATE, a new podcast from JPA Health. At ELEVATE, the JPA Public Affairs team will share best practices and innovative ideas to influence the changing health landscape.  Every [...]

Should Healthcare Be Considered an Infrastructure Need?

With a new year, new Congress, and new presidential administration well underway, pundits and politicians alike continue to opine on what the future of healthcare should look like for the [...]

Why Your Organization Should Prioritize Public Affairs

Recently the news outlet, Axios, declared “CEOs are the 4th branch of government” due to the swift response by many companies to the January 6th attack on the U.S. Capitol. What’s more, around [...]

A Letter to the Optimists

Full disclosure: I am an optimist. I’m always looking for that silver lining and the bright side of a situation. Throughout the emotional turmoil and frustrations of the last year, I have forced [...]

A New Congress and A New President: What to Expect

What happens when you take four policy and public affairs professionals from two different parties and ask them what they think the health policy agenda looks like following the 2020 elections? [...]

Maybe Doctors will Save Us

As the United States is trying to heal from a divisive election and a surging pandemic, O’Dwyer’s republished our recent article, “Maybe Doctors Will Save Us” from its magazine. The timing could [...]