HYFTOR: How JPA Health Launched the First Approved Medicine for a Rare Genetic Disorder

Nobelpharma America turned to JPA Health to brand and launch its first U.S. product, HYFTOR®, the first topical treatment approved by the FDA for the treatment of facial angiofibroma (FA), a rare genetic disorder in children and adults with tuberous sclerosis complex (TSC).

The Impact


new prescribers
in two months





The Challenge

Facial angiofibroma was consistently deprioritized as a treatable condition, because of the overall complexity of TSC. Yet people living with facial angiofibroma experience significant impact from bullying, depression, and other emotional challenges.

Our Approach

We developed a memorable brand story that brought to life the product’s unique position in the market — and its benefits for patients, caregivers and HCPs. We gathered insights through market research with neurologists, dermatologists, patients, and caregivers.

The Solution

The “my VICTORY” campaign brought to life how HYFTOR® answers the unmet needs of patients and their loved ones.

“my VICTORY” represented life beyond TSC/FA and patients’ ability to continue a normal life in the face of this rare disease. It showcased a sense of freedom to contrast with the stress and limitation that we found hinders patients, caregivers and HCPs.

The campaign included a full stable of paid, earned and owned assets created to build awareness of HYFTOR®. All elements created in support of the launch of HYFTOR® included print and digital versions of assets for patients, caregivers, HCPs and sales teams at Nobelpharma America.

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