JPA Health unveils GRETEL Trails: revolutionizing integrated healthcare marketing with AI-powered insight engine and chatbot

The AI-driven strategic and messaging tool comes with uncompromised data confidentiality

GRETEL Trails is the only AI-Insights engine to be backed with over a decade of audience analysis

WASHINGTON, DC, July 10, 2023 — JPA Health, a full-service, independent marketing and communications agency, today announced the launch of its new marketing tool, GRETEL Trails. Designed to enhance clients’ communications strategies, this AI-powered insights engine and chatbot unites the power of GPT-4 alongside JPA Health’s proprietary precision communications platform, GRETEL®.

Leveraging a decade plus of data, along with machine learning algorithms, these platforms merge together comprehensive research to create customized trails for each client’s unique project. These innovative tools provide clients with insights necessary to curate impactful, targeted communication campaigns along with unprecedented understanding of complex and difficult to engage audiences.

Key Takeaway

– Reinventing omnichannel marketing
– GRETEL Trails boosts content strategy


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“We are witnessing a transformative shift in the way we work, driven by rapid advancements in data analytics and artificial intelligence,” said Carrie Jones, CEO of JPA Health. “At JPA Health, we have fully embraced this technology and acted swiftly to provide our clients with a cutting-edge tool that empowers them to make data-driven decisions. It’s no longer just about delivering messages; it’s about delivering the right messages to the right people at the right time. With GRETEL Trails, we are redefining the way our clients connect, communicate, and thrive in this ever-evolving landscape.”

Ken Deutsch, who leads the Research and Insights team at JPA Health, added: “We strive to enable our clients to engage with and understand their target audiences more effectively and deliver their messages with utmost precision and impact. We are delighted to roll out GRETEL Trails, a powerful new resource that will revolutionize how life science companies understand and engage with their target audiences.”

GRETEL Trails leverages an extensive dataset of social media posts discussing relevant health issues and cross-references it with millions of audience and segmentation data records. By utilizing GPT-4 trained with audience-specific data for each health topic, JPA Health ensures accurate and impactful responses while maintaining the confidentiality of client data. No data input by GRETEL is used to train GPT-4, guaranteeing uncompromised data security.

In addition, JPA Health offers organizations an enhanced tool, GRETEL Trails+. This digital solution incorporates current market research data and insights, such as in-depth interviews (IDIs), surveys, and personas for a holistic view of target audiences. Designed for marketers, the interface incorporates a user-friendly chatbot making it an easy application to analyze vast amounts of data in seconds.

GRETEL Trails will be available to clients immediately. For more information about GRETEL Trails, please visit

About JPA Health

JPA Health is an award-winning independent, full-service agency established in 2007. With offices in the U.S. and UK, the agency provides marketing, public relations, and advocacy services. JPA Health recently was awarded PR Daily’s Agency of the Year, 2023. The firm is a leader in the health sector for its award-winning work designing health campaigns that drive change and deliver measurable results. The JPA Health team is passionate about helping people live healthier lives. To learn more, visit


The proprietary GRETEL precision communications engine is designed to help users navigate the complex landscape of health communications by providing data-driven insights, identifying trends and understanding audience preferences. By analyzing large datasets, it can identify themes, trends and preferences within specific health topics, enabling the development of targeted and effective messaging strategies to engage with audiences.