Disrupting Early Onset Breast Cancer Risk Stereotypes 

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One in 10 new breast cancer diagnoses is in a woman under the age of 45, and there is a gap in early onset breast cancer (EOBC) screening among those at risk.  

Using grant funding from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) developed a series of continuing medical education (CME) online courses to educate healthcare providers (HCPs) about the risks of EOBC and how to counsel patients.  

JPA Health was engaged to create an attention-grabbing campaign and promote the CME to HCPs who treat young women. 



JPA created Don’t Lump Your Patients Together, based on in-depth interviews with health care providers that uncovered the need to focus on the unique risks faced by each young woman. JPA developed a suite of materials and a marketing plan with a surround sound approach to reach HCPs where they are. 

Activities included digital ads on popular HCP websites and social media channels, Medscape email marketing, conference promotion and partner outreach. In just two months, we surpassed all campaign goals, including garnering 2 million impressions, reaching 226,000 HCPs and registering 600+ HCPs for the CME. 


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